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Reserved addresses and organisations

When more and more people will register their organisations and accounts, changes are that more people want to the same account. BitMaelum works on a first-come first-serve base in these cases. However, some accounts we don't want everybody to register. For instance, common names, trademarked names, popular names etc.

In order to define what a reserved name is, we use the Alexa top 500K domain list. We map each of these domains to a bitmaelum address. For instance: becomes google!. Sometimes, multiple domains result in the same account:,, etc.

If you want to create a reserved account, you must prove to the BitMaelum key server that you are owner of one of the domains for that name. So in case of the account google!, only the owner of the, etc.. domains, can register this by adding a special token to the DNS. This will allow the keyserver to validate that the reserved address will be used by the owner of the domain.

It would also help against squatting, as most popular names will correspond to popular domains, and as such need a DNS entry. The fact that you must be in the top-500K of alexa makes sure that squatting a domain (google.exotic-tld) will still not allow you to register.

We are aware that this will not work 100% of the time, but it covers most of the cases. This will make the bitmaelum accounts more clear for users who want to mail to either google! or the @google! organisation and can rely on the fact that this is in fact google. (note that for organisations you can add additional validations like DNS, GPG, Keybase etc to prove authenticity for that organisation)